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Mills: many years ago, the community of Linou had mills that served not only the area of Solea but the entire area of Morfou. Today only five mills remain in the village. 

The house of Rigaina: It is said that Rigaina lived (queen) near the community. When the village had no water to irrigate the land, Rigaina arranged to bring water from the vicinal villages. The inhabitants of Linou had the privilege to use this water on Tuesdays.

Dimistavros: Dimistavros is a big mountain which is near the village Linou. It was named after two brothers Dimos and Stavros who used to climb every day on the mountain in order to light the candle of Saint Elias which was in the middle of a very big stone. One of the two brothers died and the villagers decided to name the mountain Dimistavros in the memory of the dead young man. 


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