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Andreas Zakos

Andreas Zakos was born in Linou on 12th November in 1931. He grew up in a big family. His parents were Charilaos and Aphrodite and his siblings Georgios, Adolfos, Astero and Evroula.

He was a very descent man, courageous and a real patriot. During the 50’s he organized the local societies, he tried to raise the people against the English conquerors fought hard to free his country.

Andreas Zakou worked in the Cyprus Mining Company (CMC). A conversation he had with the English manager of the CMC shows exactly his patriotism.

When Hendrix threatened the Cypriots that he will stop sponsoring the local societies unless they took off the Greek flags, Andrea Zakos said: “We will never take off the flags even if you stop sponsoring. We are Greeks and we are proud of it.” Some time later, Andreas Zakos became a member of EOKA.

He undertook the preparation of secret hideouts in the area of Lefka-Pirgos as well as the recruitment of the Organization. Later on he was moved to the rebellious team of Galini. Some time later the General Chief asked him to identify and choose the future targets.

During an attack in Mersinaki, near the area Solon, Andrea Zakos was arrested by the English soldiers. He was led to prison with another member of EOKA Charilaos Michael. When his execution was approaching, he wrote some letters to his closest friends and family. These letters show his courage and patriotism.

On 9th August 1956 Andreas Zakos was hanged with two more young men Charilaos Michael and Iakovos Patatsos. The tombs of the three men are inside the Prison of Nicosia.

The communities of Linou and Flasou hold a memorial service in the memory of Andreas Zakos and Georgios Antoniou on May.

Information given by the Mayor of the village Petros Efthimiadis
The heroes of EOKA, Nicosia, p.33


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