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Antoniou Savvas

Savvas Antoniou is the ex chief of the Police Department of Cyprus. He was born in Flassou on 17th February in 1926. He was dedicated and committed in his job. 

He was married with Maroula and they had four children.

He went in the Hellenic Practical School of Solea and he went abroad to continue his studies. He actually attended to the PoliceStaffCollege in Bramshire. When he came back in Cyprus he was accepted in the police force.

His career in the police force begun in 1944 when he was only 18 year’s old. Ten years later he was promoted to sergeant and then, one year later he became a police lieutenant.

And that was not all. In 1959 he became the deputy chief of the gendarmerie.

In 1960, when Cyprus was declared independent, he was promoted to Deputy Chief of the Police Department. He remained in this position for eleven years (until 1971) and he performed his profession with great commitment and love.

The peak of his career was in 1971 when he became the Chief of the Police Department. He remained in this position till he was released in 1986.

During his career as a Chief he published a book which was related to the rules and regulations of the Cypriot police. The name of the book is “police provisions and orders”.

He has also participated in several conferences and international organizations. He was sent as a representative of Cyprus in many conferences, seminars of Interpol, of the International Association of Ports and Harbors. His training helped him to bring new ideas in the force and new ways to fight against terrorism and drugs.

Undoubtedly, he has offered a lot in his country through his job. He has served in the police force from 1944 and until 1986 in different positions. 


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