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Christmas Customs

Some days before Christmas, all the women of the village start preparing for the big feast. The preparations mainly include cleaning of the entire house and the yard.
On Christmas day, people goes to church. After the service they receive communion and then they exchange wishes and kisses.
Thereafter, they return to their homes and the entire family sits on the table for the traditional soup “avgolemoni” (made with eggs, lemon and rice) or trachana (traditional soup), in a pleasant environment.
New year’s day
At twelve o’clock on new year’s day, the housewives break a plate outside the house. People go to church to attend to the service and when it is finished they exchange kisses and wishes.
The first day of the year, after the church, when people return to their homes they traditionally step in with their right foot. It is believed that this brings good luck for the rest of the year.
They also play cards (Shemes, Poka, Poker) in coffee shops and in different houses. 


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