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Giorgos Theocharidis

Giorgos Theocharidis has offered a lot in the field of justice. His love and dedication is obvious if we take into consideration his career and all that he did. 

He was born in Linou in the late 19th cenutry and he grew up in the same place. His parents were Ioannis and Iouliani.

When he finished high school his parents agreed to send him abroad in order to study law.

His career was growing and he managed to become a jurist and some years later he became president of the jurists in Cyprus.

The other inhabitants of Linou talk about Giorgos Theocharidis with love and admiration. They are very proud for him and his great career in the field of justice. 

Giorgos Theocharidis he was married with a great woman and he had a wonderful family. 

He died in the late 20th century but his work has remained to our days. His career and his entire life make his co villagers happy and proud of him. 


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